hostel life

July 15, 2012 1:39pm CST
After passing out from school, having less sense of colleges when a student takes a admission in a college, he founds himself uncomfortable over their in a first week. Its normal with new environment. But he fits himself after all. If he is a hostler then it might be a worse thing or a best thing for his life. If he do his things correctly he could achieve his goal. Vehemently defiance of bad habbits leads him on a way of success.
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@kingparker (9673)
• United States
15 Jul 12
I don't really exactly understood what you try to say in this discussion. From what I knew, students should struggle to get their academic success through thorough reading and experience real life to associate with what you learn from school. That is how we develop our own experiment and our own opinion toward this world. That is how this world gonna work.
• India
15 Jul 12
I want to point out the hostel life impact....if we do and go under things in a disciplined way and having a part time fun...we can do good in our academics.
@natliegleb (5175)
• India
15 Jul 12
ya for sure,if we play by the rules in the hostel and keep ourself restricted to good surrounding and proper friend and nice activities.i dont think even if its a new environment we can land up in trouble and we can be good to all and on the way to success.but for sure the new place will take some time to get settled in and also the facts like food and other habbits needs to be adapted.i thoroughly enjoyed my hostel life to the fullest
• India
15 Jul 12
yeah it also took me around 1 month to get comfortable with surroundings and food...but after settled down there is so much fun inside that one can not do outside the hostel.
@surekharathi (14146)
• India
18 Sep 12
Ohhh yes there some persons are good and some are not away from those who are not paying the attention on study. You will familiar with everyone after some time. But one point keep in mind dont waste the time in affair pay attention only on study.
@Lorden (348)
• South Africa
15 Jul 12
That sounds very intriguing. Who are we talking about by the way? Somebody you know or just the hostel dwelling student as a generic generality?
• Iran
18 Jul 12
I lived in a hostel whole during my high school and now 3 years of university; My memories of high school hostel are maybe the best of my whole life. That was a big experience for me to live with my Classmates in same place