How important the point of academic at school for you?

@Zhizho (1350)
July 16, 2012 2:47am CST
Hi mylotters. Many purpose of people when they learn at schooln Some of them would like to get knowledge and does not really care about how teacher give them point. But most of student concern about the point. When I was student, point is important for me but now as a mom, I do not think about how my childrens teacher give them point if a point only based on a testing or examination. not from how they learn day by day and how they practice their knowledge. How about you? share here please..thank for your time.
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7 Sep 12
In my opinion, I think point(s) is not important but it is the knowledge or learnings that they get every day at school and also from their teacher. .
26 Aug 12
Yes School is very important part in life as in ur school days the way u teach is different now we are living in 21 century the way of teaching and sharing knowledge is different but generally it depend on the students how it take .Exam are important but the way they will learn will definitely help them in future...
@GemmaR (8517)
21 Jul 12
I think that education is the most important thing that a child could be given during the course of their lives, and it is very vital that parents do their best to make sure that their children get the best possible education that is available to them at that time. There are far too many people who take their schooling for granted and don't bother to make enough effort to do well in their studies and their exams. When I have children, I will be making sure that they understand just how lucky they are to be able to learn like we can in our country, because it just wouldn't have been the same if they had been born anywhere else.
@indahfth (11161)
• Indonesia
20 Jul 12
When I went to school. I also really trying, to get high points. Because, parents, community, and the teachers think, a smart kid, is that having high points. I feel very depressed, because of the demands, should receive high points. I do not want my son got a load like that. At first, I also force my son to get high points. Because, I am ashamed, if my son has bad points. But, now I'm not ashamed anymore. Because, I feel my son is very smart. My son, have intelligence, which is not owned, by another child.
@hsofyan (3446)
• Jakarta, Indonesia
16 Jul 12
The learning process is different between the one child with another child. Teaching process is also different from one teacher to another teacher. The role of parents is important.
@kukueye (1759)
• Malaysia
16 Jul 12
Academic qualification is must for promotion. - Without hard to promote even with experience.
I guess point marks or reason for academic is important now in my country.Because education is getting afforable , and quality of acamedic paper varies , hence having one or few is an advantage to the working world.There are some senior of has works for more than 10 years but failed to promote to managerial posts just because of their lack of academic degree or master qualification, any new junior manager that are in lack the experience that he has.
@doroffee (4222)
• Hungary
16 Jul 12
For me, the purpose of acedemic school is mainly securing myself on the job market, and to find a nice, well-paying job and have a stale financial basis for starting an independent life from my parents and eventually settle down and have kids. So from that point of view, there are really bad and good schools. I hate when they expect the kids to know everything lexically from a subject or them to make straight A's, even when they can't do it because of their skills. Also, in my country's education system, there is too few practice subjects or real life connotations, just the priciples... the whole curriculum and the teaching material has to be changed, so kids are going to learn from each subject that they can actually use in their lives, and if someone wants to learn more, more principles from a subject, they can take it up as an extra-curricular lesson or go on advances level...
• Philippines
16 Jul 12
Getting high points or grades are the immediate goals of being in school. There are lessons that can be graded and can be determined by points. And there are lessons that can't be graded. Studying for an examination may seemed that it is all for points but it also teaches students that they have to work hard and be responsible if they want to do well. Every student and even the teachers must make sure that the learning experience is something that will help them in their daily lives.