Watching a whole movie

@ranger07 (555)
July 16, 2012 8:08pm CST
Do you always watch a whole movie even if it is not something you are enjoying? I cannot do that. It wastes too much of my time. It has to be a good movie or I will stop watching it and use my time to do something constructive or enjoyable. How about you?
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@leeloo (1492)
• Portugal
17 Jul 12
The advantage of renting a movie is that when it gets boring or dull there is always the fast forward button, but generally I will give most movies a chance. At home, even movies I like I am always doing something else so I generally just watch the end of the movie properly to see if it was worth it. The big reason I do this is the movie The Usual Suspects that has among other really great actors, Kevin Spacey, the ending of the movie, the rest of the movie which I did not find at all worth all the hype that it had the first time I watched it, seemed like any other police drama is transformed with the ending, so I tend to give movies a chance to redeem themselves.
@ranger07 (555)
18 Jul 12
I try my best to also but always have more important things to do than to sit and wait to see if it gets any better. That's the thing.
@Raine38 (9201)
• United States
17 Jul 12
Well, my husband have his own style of watching a movie and to see if he wants to watch the whole of it or not: he fast forwards it to some scenes and listen to the dialogs and make out the storyline, if he likes it then he watches the whole of it. Sometimes, he's able to "see" a movie in a couple of minutes because some he thinks just spend too much time building up the story when the viewer already know what's up haha! Anyway, since I rarely go to the movie houses anymore and we just go to iTunes or get DVDs/Blurays, we get to actually choose those movies that we really want to see. No use in paying for something that we are half-interested in.
@ranger07 (555)
17 Jul 12
That is a good way to do it. That would save a lot of time.
@asliah (11144)
• Philippines
14 Apr 13
there are times that i can not finish the movies especially when the story didn't cope my interest or when the story is full of talking and conversation because i prefer to watch those actions actions and adventure fantasy movies.
@katie0 (5212)
• Japan
31 Jul 12
Oh no, series and movies, if they are not good enough it's just a waste of time. I just watched the first episode of vampire diaries and am wondering what the fuss is about, there's no story and it's horrible. I think hollywood should start to give a chance for new writers.
@Reg1881 (92)
• Hungary
26 Jul 12
Unfortunatelly I come across bad movies too. But most of the time I'm curious about the ending so I just jump to the last five minutes and watch that. I did that a number of times.
@Daisy_22 (1230)
• Philippines
17 Jul 12
I do love watching tv whole day but i make sure the movie is also interesting because if it is not i can't last it for another hour of the day....I usually keep changing movie if i don't feel like watching it.
@zzyw87 (1259)
• Philippines
17 Jul 12
No, I don't watch the whole movie when I feel I won't like it. I usually watch for the first 20 to 30 minutes. If it is still boring, I just turn it off and watch another one. I agree with you that it just wastes our time. I will just use that time to watch another better movie that I will enjoy.