dog's love

July 18, 2012 11:59am CST
A breathless heartthrob movie "Hachiko" has moulded my heart. Dog's immense faithfulness towards his master is really pure. I am totally astonished by the love and the faith that dogs show in their masters. In return they want the same love. Amid I was also had a pet female dog. But after her death I was totally broken. She was the only one who can actually feel when I am sad or happy. She can scan the emotions of my heart just by reading my face. She was always on the door when I used to come from my school. I really miss you.....!! Please love your dogs as this is the only thing they wait for.
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@nyssa102 (748)
• United States
20 Jul 12
I would have to say that a dogs love is the purest form of love I've ever seen. You can be dirty, clean, rich or poor, and this animal will always wait for you, love you and miss you. I've always believed that this should be the model for human relationships, and not use other people to model our relationships. I truly believe that dogs can show us how to love each other better than the most seasoned author on human relationships. In all truth, if I adore a man, I look at him with dog eyes. If he is dirty, if his hair is long or short, all things do not matter to me. I just concentrate on him and the love. That is the one true way that I do this, and will continue to do it. Look at the idea of love through a dogs eyes. I actually use that philosophy with everything, and you know what? it actually begins to work.
@natliegleb (5175)
• India
18 Jul 12
its unparallel and beyond affection ,at some point of time you just feel like you cant miss it and be so affectionate towards it for sure and i also have always is the male's best companion at any times .as they say dogs are mans best friend forever without any jealousy with innocent