you think you have a good memory?

November 21, 2006 4:10pm CST
i have a strog memory
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• South Africa
21 Nov 06
I have a memory like a goldfish... SOmetimes it's bad because I can't remember special memories or peoples names - othertimes its great because I can watch a movie a few times and it seems like the first time every time :)
@shaggin (49538)
• United States
17 Dec 07
LoL that is really funny! I am the same way with movies. I will sit and watch a movie and it can be the most amazing movie I ever watched then the next day I cant remember what it was about I just remember that I really liked it. After about 20 times of watching in then I would remember because it becomes like a long term memory and then I remember it. Other things no matter how many times I went over them I just couldnt remember them and still cant. I only know a few of my multiplication tables and I am 24 years old. Sometimes I would go over and over things studying them and would have to work so hard at it and take the test and then all the sudden the imformation was gone or I would remember for the test and then after the test was over a few days past the information was gone from my mind. It really created a lot of problems learning while I was growing up and I never realized until now that I am an adult that I think I had a learning disorder or short term memory loss or something along those lines.