So Sadly Missed

@sulsisels (1685)
United States
July 24, 2012 7:47am CST
Hi Friends..I'm sitting here working on my computer and as always have the tv on in the background. As soon as I heard his voice, it got my attention and I proceeded to watch the show. I'm talking about rest his soul, Steve Irwin AKA The crocodile hunter. I absolutely loved this man and was so saddened when he died of a terrible accident while filming the show. You probably heard all about it at the time cause it was big news. Steve was so liked by everyone it seems and I think everyone shed a tear that terrible day. For those that don't know about him or the incident, he,probably the most experienced guy ever with very dangerous reptiles, snakes, and you name it was swimming underwater over a large stingray who became threatened for some reason and released her barb, through Steve's ribcage and into his heart. He was at least concious enough to get the barb out but by the time he got to the hosp it was too late.Sting Rays can be painful but are hardly ever poisonous. This one was not poiosnous either. It just hit him in the heart. The world suffered the loss of a great. He had such a love of life especially his work and was probably the most knowledgeable man we've ever come across. He was witty and would get so excited and into whatever he was doing that he made everyone laugh. He was a fun guy to be with, a comment from his wife Terry. We get the show daily here on the animal planet and I try to always watch it. It is a great show and if you've never caught it, you don't know what you are missing. To this very day, I still get that wave of sorrow when the show first comes on. It's hard to stay sad though, because watching him and his excitement makes you feel really good. It's one of those things that you say "Why", why did God take him at such a young man. He has 2 children, Bindy his daughter who carries on her Dad's work along with her mother, and a son who was just a baby when he died.I'll always remember that day, September 4, 2006, its one of those things that you remember what you were doing when you heard the news. I hope they have Crocs in heaven and if not at least some snakes for him to do what he did here on earth. Sadly missed and always remembered...
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@CTHanum (8234)
• Malaysia
24 Jul 12
I really like him and his work. I always watch his tv program as I found it entertaining and full of information about the wild. I am not sure if anyone can take his job but it seems that he's the best host for wild animal program as he's an expert in that field. Now, its his daughter Bindy time. It surprising to see that child is just the same with the father and hope she will soon be exactly like her father. Love the animal and protect them.(^^)