Wine and other stuff

@Olonam (870)
July 26, 2012 3:08am CST
Hey there everyone! Have you ever tried drinking wine? I never really had my own glass of wine all for myself. I just tried tasting some wine every now and then. I don't really like wine. But I like that it warms your throat. Nobody in my family really drinks wine. If there is wine my dad drinks a little and sometimes if there is wine and someone has soar throat they take a little wine just to warm the throat. My dad usually drinks rum. He just drinks very little. He usually drinks it when it's late and he has nothing to do so he will become sleepy. I have also tried gin. Gin with Citrus microarpa and salt. Me, my dad and brother used to take some shots of that haha. I never had more than a drop of beer. I don't like beer. I just took one drop one time because I was so thirsty and there was no water nearby. I have a question. Is beer badder than wine? Does wine even make you drunk like beer? I have never gotten drunk, all the time that I drank wine i just drank very little. Somebody told me that if you drink too much wine it's like your legs are melting. haha. Weird. Did any of you mylotters try getting drunk? Or do you just drink wine little times like me?
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