July 26, 2012 5:21am CST
hey guys i met a person who is a big time dreamer.he has the passion to make frnds to make this only life he has got better than all dreams.he just wish to wake up one morning and realise this is exactly what he wanted.he wants to store beautiful song on his ipad and beautiful memory in his mind. he want to miss and to be missed.he want to know and feel the every toast of life and want to raise it to infinity. with passion he live the life and life is his passion guy u got any love??? interest???? passion????? what are ur biggest passion????????
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@nyssa102 (748)
• United States
27 Jul 12
This guy that you speak of, he has really got the goods, and he is right and I hope he continues on his way. The big part of living your dreams, is to ignore other people. I speak truth here. My first real dream involved spirituality. When you decide to go after a dream, for some reason all the toxic and creepy people (as well as good ones) seem to seek you out. Mine was not Traditional spirituality, so I attracted toxic religious people, out to convert, street theater, the works. I was stubborn and in my mind told them to 'F off'. That seems to be a big thing in this world, if you have a passion, the naysayers just crawl out of the woodwork. I think it's the Universe's way of testing to see if you really want it bad enough to get it. That is what passion is, it's not ego. it's believing in yourself, believing in the fact that you can accomplish your goals in life. The only people to step on, when you are achieving your dream, as you go to the top, are those who are in your way. Be good and kind to all who help you, and remember them, so when their time comes, you can be there for them. We need more of this kind of emotional sharing in the world, way too much selfishness. I learned that when I was working with a woman whose husband had dreams of becoming a rock guitarist, and was he GOOD! I got this information that a band was looking for a rhythm guitarist and told her (she was a co worker) and she refused to tell her husband about the audition. So Sad! So sad and evil, that the ones closest to us can be the ones to kill our dreams. From the look on her face, how proud she looked telling me she killed her husbands dreams, I vowed to be extra helpful to everyone. Her creepy and twisted face will live on in my mind forever from that day. IN effect, she destroyed the man she loved without him even knowing it (I did know this band, and could have given him an extra push, and he was really a great guitarist). You sound like a nice person to your friend, and are probably a good part of his success without knowing it. Kudos to you!
26 Jul 12
Hey everyone, someone i know is exactly the same he always has his dreams and does what he can to achieve them no matter what, he's very stubborn and passionate about the things that he loves. I ask myself time and time again if i have the same passion inside me and each time i ask myself this, i realise that my passion is to give me something that i will love doing in life and something that i won't regret. I'm not hopeful that it will be anything life changing to people but i can only hope that it will at least make someone's life easier. What about you.?