Finding interesting disscutions

July 26, 2012 5:38am CST
Do you find interesting discussions to answer lately? How? I don't mean discussions that debate philosophical issues or really hard topics. I seldom have the time to check them out, especially if they are long debates. What I mean is to find non stereotype discussions, that tend to bore me in the last few days. I also like to answer questions where I think my answer would help. On the other hand, if the question requires a pretty standard answer and someone else already answered the question, I don't like repeating the answer, eventually by rephrasing it (to be fair, it can technically happen for more then one person to write the answer at the same time and, as they post it, they'll discover others already answered).
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@oldchem1 (8143)
26 Jul 12
I always check on the discussions that have been posted in the areas that I am interested in. Make sure that you add all your interests so that you can check easily what posts have been made under 'my interests' in 'discussions'.
• Romania
26 Jul 12
I do that, but I usually log in to mylot only two times a day, so I probably miss some discussions or they are already too long and it takes time to review the answers.
@KrauseHome (36586)
• United States
27 Jul 12
Personally, what I often do is go thru my Friends started discussions or the interest catagories I have looking for interesting discussions. Or you can search in the discussions Search for topics of interest you might be interested in responding back too. The most interesting thing is there are so many different discussions being started here all the time you never know what you might find worth responding back too as well.
@surekharathi (14146)
• India
26 Jul 12
I need not find any interesting discussion for response or for start the discussion. I find the discussion from my day today life and response on which is easy to understand.