Why conflicts between us ?

Conflicts - Conflicts between people
July 26, 2012 12:59pm CST
Various types of conflicts could be seen in human society as well as in animal society. We have seen conflicts among animals for group leadership. For example these conflicts are seen among animals like monkeys and elephants. Such conflicts end after the death or injury to one party.But it is not appropriate for the man who owns an eminent mind to stoop to such levels as animals. Some conflict situations arise in political groups, religious groups due to unpleasant activities.Other parties liable to have conflicts are anti-govt.groups within a country,between two states and among several countries.Accordingly it's an unpleasant experience to involve in a conflict.
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@Daisy_22 (1229)
• Philippines
29 Jul 12
Conflicts in our society is inevitable.It has been experience by our ancestors long time ago when we look back history.We may say it's unpleasant to be part of that conflict but mind you, involving the conflict means you care.It means you participate and you give importance to what is happening around you.We should also not look only the negative effects of conflicts because there are also some conflicts that result to a common good and advantages to the society.
@hsofyan (3446)
• Jakarta, Indonesia
27 Jul 12
I do not like conflict and would not be involved in the conflict. When there is conflict around me, I better be alone and write poetry. [i]Conflict, there is a real and hidden; Since time immemorial; There are around us; 'cause of money, power and love.[/i]
@jaiho2009 (39148)
• Philippines
26 Jul 12
Actually, if there is love in everyone's heart there''l be no conflicts. Why people from other country with different culture/tradition marry each other? Isn't because of love? And love is not only for two people, or family,friends and relatives. Love is about everything. Therefore, what complicates things is -love-
@Suggar (3606)
• Bulgaria
26 Jul 12
I actually hate fighting and making scandals. It is not my type of thing, I would never scream on someone for something small, even I can see myself handling much more serious things without even saying a word. But there are moments when I get really angry and start throwing out all of what made me mad lately. Or another thing I do, I try to share with my boyfriend some situations which made me mad. He is always saying - why you didn't say it to the person who made you mad? Probably he is right.
@nyssa102 (748)
• United States
26 Jul 12
Conflicts, in my humble opinion begin for only one cause and one major cause only (of course, there are other reasons, this is just one of my major concerns) and that is the problem that people have with control and authority. I have seen parents ruin children, spouses ruin one another, best friends turn on each other...Why? Because they have a problem with people doing what they wish to do. There is a certain gene out there (just making this up, for arguments sake), and this gene says "I rule you" then we have other people, who actually like to be ruled, they are the useless eaters of the world. These useless eaters will do whatever is told of them, as long as their is a couch to sit on and a tv dinner to eat. Next, we have the people who really make this world turn: The movers and shakers, whether they are Vincent Van Goghs, who live in hovels and make us think and debate life, or they are men like Disney, who go bankrupt 7 times and end up creating a dynasty. The problem that the Van Gogh's of the world and Disney's of the world have, is the authoritarian figure. The people that like to 'rule' others have no problem with the masses of useless eaters, but they have a huge problem with those that have ideas. The big problem, is that those with ideas can actually get the useless eater off the couch and turn them into a mover and shaker. Once a person becomes a mover and shaker, they are not content to be under the control of the authority figure. This then causes the authority figures to do whatever it takes to control. It is this aspect that destroys child parent relationships, marriages, etc. The desire for that one corrupt control freak to make everyone do what they want. The moment you say "Hey, I don't like that religion, I'm doing something else..." BAM, the control freak loses it, and smacks down any and all opposition. Violence is only from those that are authoritative control freaks. They seem to cause all the conflict, since they actually make the conflicts.