Are you a food junkie? Share your comments of your favorite junk food.

July 27, 2012 3:56pm CST
Unfortunately this post will not glorify wellness nor delved into the sins of junk foods. Just plain talk of "i like to get my fingers licked" with Tortillos or Taquitos sometimes with Chippy - Lay's too expensive where i am though it taste good - indulging in its crispy crunchy flavor giving Mr. Wellness a heart attack just by watching me. Those two are my top faves, im not the soda type so just either any regular fruit juice for me or plain water on the side will do. So what you got now? or i think you got one stashed somewhere and getting ready for that cool HBO Game of Thrones or maybe not but you've eyeing deviously Mr. Crispy Krunch the few times you saw him last in his aisle reminiscing the days he got you licking your finger in a barbecue-chezzy flavor. Maybe gone are the days of craving it's more like visiting an acquaintance on an event now because you just happen to see it, just a dip or two but still you particularly choose the same for its good flavoredness.
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@echoforever (5189)
• United States
28 Jul 12
For me I do not eat a lot of junk food but lately I do eat more than I should. It isn't just small snacks either but basically like I am having two lunches... I don't know why I have this addiction and it is really hard to break.
• Philippines
28 Jul 12
Like having two lunches? that's heavy stuff, you might want to explore the deeper reasons why or maybe it's really that good. Anyway, just do some simple exercises too & get those veggies and fruit stuff to your diet as well. Thanks for sharing some comment here.
• United States
28 Jul 12
Well I think it is because of my stress level. It is my way of 'coping' with the stress because in a way when I am eating since I enjoy it, then I am relaxing too. I need to find a better way to get rid of my stress and not depend on this to help me when I am feeling this way. Also yes I need to exercise and eat fruits and vegetables. I tend to find that when I can eat more of the healthy foods this does not happen as much either.
• Indonesia
29 Jul 12
Im not really a food junkie, but sometimes there will be a day when I want to eat junk food nomatter what. Nothing or no one can stop me when Im in the need of junk food, but it only happen few times in a month. I dont really like sodas, I only finish half of my soda when Im having junk food. I love burger and french fries sometimes hotdogs and creepes. They are taste so good when Im in the mood. But I prefer fresh food for daily snack like vegi salad, fruits salad or just juice. I think its not good for our health if eat too much junk food, and Im aware about my health as my bf always remind me not to eat much junk food.