Horror in the Ring!

@Olonam (870)
July 29, 2012 5:47am CST
I watched The Ring with my siblings and cousins some time ago. We were having a sleepover, and camping out in the living room to scare ourselves with horror movies. We watched a few before we started on The Ring, and though there were moments when we jumped out of our seats, none of that was really scary enough for our tastes. Then, we watched The Ring. It was the worse horror movie I had ever seen! It was not only the story, or the fact that a girl actually crawled out of the tv screen. No, there was something else, something behind it. Was it the creepy music? Or was it the haunting sense and feeling of the author's mind as it ranged through horrifying imaginations? I was scared stiff, and could hardly finish the movie.
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• Argentina
29 Oct 12
I think what's brilliant about The ring is that it makes you fear one of the simplest daily life things: your phone ringing. What are the odds that while watching the movie, or afterwards, your phone rings? It makes you jumpy every time you get a text message...
• India
19 Sep 12
The Ring does not belongs to category of core horror movies like saw series. I would rather call it a combination of thriller, suspense and horror. If you are just looking for moments in the movie that will make u jump on your seat, the probably The Ring might disappoint you, because movie does not have those chilling moments in abundance but for me movie works because of its ability to make u thrilled in every scene as to what is going to happen next. The horror here is not how the ghost will attack or how you will be saved but the very existence of that unknown spirit is the mystery in the movie. The cinematography, the background music and the brilliant direction adds to the spice of this intriguing story. I just loved The Ring and immediately felt like following up with The Ring 2. I would rate The Ring as one of the best horror-thriller movies of all time.
@besweet (7197)
• Greece
29 Jul 12
It's a very scary film! I watched it when it first came out in the US version with my brother. Then, I started watching the Japanese version and I think it was even more scary. It generally had a weird, dark and mysterious atmosphere in the film that made me wait for something to happen throughout the whole movie!