A second chance for a cheater?

July 29, 2012 11:02am CST
I have a friend who has a long time boyfriend for almost 5 years. They both are like inseparable and so in love with each other.Until we knew last week the the guy is cheating our friend. She was so devastated and depressed, and I personally advised her that he don't deserve her because for me, when your love is eternal, you can never do things like cheating no matter what. Because if he has done that to her now he is capable of doing it again over and over again!
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@bubuth (1816)
• Philippines
18 Aug 12
I agree, if someone cheated on you once, he can do it again and again and i believe that if he really love you he will not look for another woman. I think cheater can be forgive once but the person that been hurt need to be aware on his/her partner. But if the cheater do the same mistake again he must not be forgive again. Like what other people said, one is enough and two is too much.
• Philippines
2 Aug 12
once a cheater, always a cheater. you are right, he's capable of doing it no, he could still do it again. and more than the cheating, the torment of trust being broken is also hard to overcome. once your trust is lost for that certain person, you'll be having a hard time trusting him again. the guy should think about it before doing anything like cheat to her long time partner. but then, the decision is not ours, but on your friend to make.
@silverfox09 (4722)
• United States
31 Jul 12
Wow he cheat after being in such a long term relationship . I dont think he should be given a second chance unless it was a one time fling it up to her she could give him chance . I also think he is capable of cheating again and more likely will cheat again . She love him and thats how he show is love , she deserve better .
• Philippines
31 Jul 12
I can't trust a guy who will cheat on me- not once, so never twice. When my husband was still just my boyfriend, I told him to be true to me and just tell me when he falls for another woman. Or when he doesn't love me anymore. Or when he gets tired of our relationship and wants to end it already. I'd be thankful to him for that, rather than be surprised to learn myself or from people I know that he is already cheating on me. Before we got married, I told him that if he cheats on us (me and our future family), I'll open the door for him to leave but he will never ever be welcome again to return to us. I'm a product of a broken family and my father left us for his mistress so I told him I'd never want our children to suffer those times when my parents fight over the issue of another woman. It was better when they separated because my mom stopped crying and we had our chance to show her we can make her life happier and provide her with more love that our father could ever give her. Maybe some people think we can always give our man another chance when they first cheat but for me, a big NO NO! =(
@emdjay23 (1575)
• Philippines
30 Jul 12
I also believe in what you've said, I guess if a person cheats for the first time that person would do it again, but on the other hand I also believe that every person has the capacity to change, the only problem is even if your friends boyfriend changed still the trust is already gone, she may forgive him but deinitely she cannot forget all those bad memories of lies. So I think if your friend really feels that her boyfriend is really deserving then go, if not think for a thousand times before giving her heart again.