To Have Friends.....true friends is a blessing!.....................

United States
July 30, 2012 8:55pm CST
At one time in my life, because of a situation that caused me and my best friend to seperate, I never ever thought I would have a close friendship with anyone again. But I do. I speak with the person who I thought I wouldn't talk to again, and just like me, she will do anything for me if I ask. However, I have close relationships with 4 people from my church. I love these women to death. They have been there for me spiritually, financially and as a listener. I do hope and pray that you are blessed with friends like I am. Are you?
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• Philippines
31 Jul 12
True friends are really a blessing, actually me and my best friend also have the same situation. We fought because of a misunderstanding but we still save our friendship until now. She always approach every time she has a problem and I also approach her also. She is really a true friend because she can accept my friends and I also accept hers as well. True friends can feel the way you feel, they can sense what you can sense but nothing will change in your friendship because you and her or him knows that friendship will still keep on growing stronger and better. Even you and her or him has misunderstanding, you should listen to each others opinion by having an open forum just you and her or him. Just stay calm and try to say good words that the person would not feel down.
@Axai2012 (371)
31 Jul 12
You are blessed indeed to have friends that you can rely on. True friends are hard to come by nowadays. So cherish them. I am fortunate as well to have friends who I can trust and rely on and who I love dearly.
• Indonesia
31 Jul 12
Yes true friends is a blessing, and I thjnk you are very lucky to have true friends..because true friends is so hard to find, who share our happiness and sorrow together in our life. Good luck to you!