I Have been enjoying the Olympics but..................................

United States
July 30, 2012 9:04pm CST
I was very disappointed with Lochti. He is supposed to be the new "Michael Phelps" so what happened to him last night? Lochti shouldn't have anchored the relay, it should've been Phelps. However I will continue to root for him because he is after all from the USA!! Tell me, what is your favorite part of the Olympics? For me it is:Gymnastics, followed by swimming/diving.
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@ram_cv (16513)
• India
1 Aug 12
But the good thing is that Phelps got his gold and now the legacy as well. For me athletics is my favorite especially the sprints. Then of course there is swimming. Of course, the events that India plays in, I follow them and that means Shooting, Hockey, Badminton and Tennis. Cheers! Ram
@artemeis (4194)
• China
1 Aug 12
I think it is unfair to compare Lochte with Phelps and much more expect him to be the next Michael Phelps. Phelps is Phelps and he is the greatest Olympiad and swimmer the world will remember him for his achievements. To be fair to Lochte, I think he is really under a lot of pressure to win in his events and stress by the tight scheduling from this Olympics. I am sure you are aware of the heats and qualification rounds leading to the finals which is actually on the next day of the semis. It is very hectic and I don't think Lochte's current peak is anywhere near Phelps at his peak in 2007/8. As for the 100m relay, I have to blame the coach for his careless lineup decision which cost your country a gold medal. I felt that the outcome would have been different if Phelps had anchored.
@dorannmwin (36392)
• United States
31 Jul 12
First of all, I have to say that I don't think we will see a new "Micahel Phelps" for many, many years. Lochti is a great swimmer and he has definitely put everything that he has into being the star of these Olympic games for the United States swimming team. However, despite the fact that he has defeated Michael Phelps, I don't think that he is really going to be the next US swimming superstar. That said, I agree that the arrangement for the relay was not exactly right, but then again, the US team wasn't even expected to have a chance with winning that particular relay so I think that they did put up a huge fight. As for as the sports that I love watching, it is swimming, diving and gymnastics and I pretty much enjoy them all the same.