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July 31, 2012 12:21pm CST
I have a business Idea and before I put it into practice am wanting feed back from people on here as to if they would use the service. My Idea put simply is a personal job hunter- this would mean you tell the company the job you want to do, give them your CV, work history and everything so they know your skills. From this information the company then looks through all on line job sites and finds the 10 most relevant ones and sends them to the client. The company would not be linked with any company and so really it would be about helping people find the jobs they want and not about getting paid to place people. For people to use this service it would cost £20 a month, and could appeal to people looking for a new job who have no time to find a job after working. It would also appeal to people who have kids and cannot find the time to. It could also be offered to the unemployed but at a reduced price of maybe £10 a month. Once again the main purpose of the idea is to actually get people into the jobs that they want,in order to make sure this is done when this starts I would actually be doing it myself and only be offering this service to maybe 20 people so that I can keep it with a personal feel. Would people here use this service ? and do you think it could work?
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7 Aug 12
is this not what a recruitment agency does?
@mythociate (21511)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
20 Aug 12
Yeah, except you ought to do it for FREE with an option to donate.