My Hamster is with tumor! I feel the pain...

@insulin (2480)
August 1, 2012 11:02am CST
It tears my heart again slowly because 4 months ago I lost my three Teddy Bear hamster due to tumor and I was not taking any action since I don't know where else to go.Now one of my 1 year old dwarf hamster is suffering with tumor between his nose and head and every time I see his nose bleeding,I feel the pain and I want to help him.I know for other people these little pets are nothing but seriously for me they are like me best of all best that makes my life colorful.I don't care that they are small,what I care is their life! Now I made this video and funding site for him so maybe someone will notice and help me remove the tumor by surgery in the Vet. By sharing the video or on facebook, It will be a big help guys if you want to see him, I have made short documentary film for him and made the latest video of him. His name is Pum Pum, A Roborovski Hamster Here's the link of the Youtube: in the description area the link for the fund site is there. Thank you so much in Advance Dawn Marie
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@ravisivan (14091)
• India
1 Aug 12
I saw the video. Yes. the pet needs medical attention. I wish the pet recovers from illness soon.
@insulin (2480)
• Philippines
1 Aug 12
Yes it seriously needs medical attention and I don't want that it will came to the point that I will hear him screaming because of pain.I'm seriously trying the best I can.Thanks for the response.