I paint my house by my self

@Zhizho (1350)
August 1, 2012 7:07pm CST
Hi. I want changing the atmosphere of my house. So I replace the property and paint my house. For a few day, difficult to get some person who can help painting my house. So I do it own. Fortunately, when I was girl, I love to help my dad painting our house And when I live at my house that i rent, i love to join with painter that we pay for painting together. So it does not matter that I am a woman and I love to do it. How about you?
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@hsofyan (3446)
• Jakarta, Indonesia
2 Aug 12
Who says to paint the house was men's work? I'm glad to hear you want to paint your house. Of course the color you liked, and worked with enjoy. Enjoy working with, will not get tired. I'm so well. It may be easier to use roll, instead of using a brush, except for the parts that are difficult to reach. I am happy to start from back to front. Last is the outside. Happy painting....
@nita04 (268)
• Philippines
2 Aug 12
Hi! Zhizho, that's good of you. You are hitting a lot of birds in one stone. First, you can save, because you won't be paying anymore the painter, Second, you can express fully what you like in your house. Third, you can share to the world that we can be in a man's world, Lastly, as long as we are happy to do it and it gives us satisfaction, well go for it.
@indahfth (11161)
• Indonesia
2 Aug 12
Yes. That's very good. You paint your own house. Save money to pay. You'll feel satisfied, because you do yourself.