The Deep meaning of colours

@Zhizho (1350)
August 1, 2012 7:29pm CST
All this time, colour for me has meaning and it just like red is show the bravery. White show the purity. But there is some information that i read and heard form those people, colours has a deep meaning. For wall of room, it affect about the big or small. For the clothes you choose it affect your image. Wow. Colours give other impression. How unique about colours to discuss. Let share your tought about it guys.
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@hsofyan (3446)
• Jakarta, Indonesia
2 Aug 12
Seem to want to paint the house and confused to choose the color. There are references: Happy painting...
@doroffee (4222)
• Hungary
2 Aug 12
Colors are really important. Some colors we are inherently attracted to, and they tell us a lot psychologically. Red is dynamic and brave, blue is soothing and calm, green is natural, brown is earthy and warm, light colors are mellow and charming, orange is fierce and bubbly, pink is extravagant and purple is like ambivalent because of the mixture of hot and col, fiery and calm. Purple is one of my favorite colors, because I'm a really diverse and eccentric person. I love both night and day, rain and sunshine, being girly and being tomboyish. Also, it matters whgich colors we choose as the wall color, our hair color, anything :).