still can't buy positions in JSS Tripler

August 2, 2012 6:58am CST
it say that, i get $1 from each my referral buy position in JSS Tripler. and now, i have $10 , but still i can't buy more JSS Tripler position from this $10. why i can't buy from this $? is this a joke or this is a scam? somebody please show me the clues... thanks, have a nice day!
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• United States
2 Aug 12
Are your referrals buying a position with their own money or are they spending the $10 being offered, as a loan, from JSS Tripler? If your earning are at least $10 you should be able to buy 1 position. I have been buying positions for a while and you won't receive earnings from a referral, unless they SPEND THEIR OWN money, investing in the program.
@yugasini (12836)
• Anantapur, India
2 Aug 12
he sherybelle, i too have joined in JBP site recently, i do not have money to invest or i have any referral to get free money, first i have invested in the site the free money offered by the site and now i have to invest money in JBP,but who know that when it turn to be as scam that is the main fear to me, but if i does not invest money i may not earn money in this site,have a nice day
@camalich (1117)
• Spain
2 Aug 12
You don't earn from your referrals $10 loan, only from the money they spend buying more triplers. When you log into JBP and see the table with your user ID below you have some lines that tell you about your account stats: JSS Account Balance: xx$ JSS Tripler Account Balance: xx$ The daily earnings and referral commissions are added instantly to your JSS Tripler account. If you don't have at least $10 there or in your JSS Account you don't have money enough to buy triplers.
@sajeevking (5077)
• Mumbai, India
2 Aug 12
You don't earn $1 if you referral use the bonus to purchase a position you are not clear upload some pic of your account and show use whether you referrals are purchasing position or not If you are not able to understand that site does this mean its a scam. huh your previous topic has all the answer you are looking
@Mashnn (4502)
2 Aug 12
You only get the referral share if your referrals have bought the position using money from their own pocket but not the free $10 given to start. I have a few referrals and I already got credited with the $1 but only for referrals who bought more than one position.