I've Been Sick for About a Month

United States
August 3, 2012 7:39pm CST
I haven't written on mylot since June after I had applied for freelance writer for Helium. I hadn't applied to any assignments until June 23, because I had been busy with my volunteer jobs, watering my lawn, etc. Once, I had some free time, I picked one assignment on Helium - Relgious Writings of Harriet Beecher Stowe. I looked up books on her & her writings on my hometown libraries' websites & picked out half a dozen & went to one of them the next day to get them & the day after that too, at the other libary. I spent Mon.- Wed. of that last week in June, reading up & jotting down page numbers of the books that I would use in my writing. I was thinking I would not be able to beat the Friday deadline for the writing submission. I also was distracted by the next day's events - the cutting down of our tree the next morning, my brother coming down later to load the cut up wood onto his truck which would be the same evening as my meeting of the Italian Heritage Assoc. meeting. That was on my mind during the early morning hours after I had 4 hrs. sleep. I slept later on but only had 20 more minutes. Therefore, my day was ruined & I was unable to even read anything more about Harriet Beecher Stowe & realized I would not be able to even start the writing. So, I withdrew my assignment pick. I laid down later but was unable to sleep more. My brother, his wife & son came as we ate dinner & I had to help them put the mulch that he bought for the front garden. I didn't know he was going to put it on that same day! I had to help him & his son pull the weeds in the hot sunny air. I had taken a shower & had to take another one after. I was in a rush. That got me so frustrated that it ruined it for me that evening, going to the meeting in which our local assemblymen spoke. I had trouble sleeping that night, & had less hours sleep, which caused terrible headaches for me. That was a trend for the next week. I had to take aspirin every 6 hrs., 4 times a day. Once I would catch up on all my sleep, I would not need to be taking aspirin. That didn't happen until the Friday of that week. So, I had 2 days of a headache-free time because I had caught up on all my sleep. But the next day, it started again...the losing of enough sleep. So, my mother was very concerned so she called my doctor & she suggested that I take Exedrin for my headaches during the day (because of the caffeine) & Benedryl for nighttime. She told me to still take the sleep aid I was already taking. I had my blood pressure checked @ my pharmacy & it was good. I went in the pool & did laps to calm my nerves & tension. It did & laid down but didn't sleep. I felt relaxed though. I still had trouble catching up on all my sleep but on that Monday, I had slept better than that Sunday. I felt good enough to open up the Italian Heritage Museum for volunteers but the Director was there & put me to work even though I wasn't scheduled to work that day. I was hinting that I had to go & mow my lawn but he kept me there. He's a nice guy but he didn't get the hint. He kept giving me things to do until I had to say I had to go. I mowed my lawn & was upset @ this pressure, just like with my brother that day @ my house. I can't stand it & things like that make me so upset that I worry about & can't sleep well. So, I didn't sleep well the rest of the week. I had a doctor's appointment on that Tues. about my sugar diet but winded up being mostly about my sleep loss & headaches. He suggested that I see a neurologist & the medical billing made an appoinment for me, & since I don't have health insurance, she said I should apply to Medicade. I was so tired I had to cancel Italian class later that day, had to cancel Italian Heritage newsletters folding/lableing the next day, had to cancel volunteering for a special assignment @ the Schenectady Museum the day after that (greeting visitors to the Planetarium). But I did attend the Italian Heritage picnic on the lawn of the that museum that evening. I didn't volunteer there much, just throwing out the garbage & putting some chairs away near the end. I continued to have more sleep loss for exactly 1 week, despite volunteering for 2 days in a row @ the Italian Museum & 1 day for the Schenectady Museum. I had finally caught up on all my sleep lost since July 8, & had 5 days of sleeping well, with no headaches! But the trend started again on July 23...and continues to this day, but I feel much better with just little headaches, that I can just take the regular aspirin. So, that's why I haven't been writing on Helium or mylot since June. I hope to catch up on all sleep to catch up on my writing websites & stay away from volunteering for awhile.
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@tetris15 (539)
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4 Aug 12
I hope you're ok now. Don't pressure yourself too much. It's now affecting your health. Take time to breathe. Relax a little.