August 4, 2012 2:15am CST
i am not a person who passionately aims at success.but neverthless,i fail to fail each and every time.because i want to make proud the people who love me.but the people who really love me consider me a success regardless of any success or failure.that is why i want them to feel proud.because they deserve to do.for them,a failure is only onothechance for me to make it better next time.for me,the fact that they love me is a success,the greatest success of all. what are you think about this..
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@roberten (3128)
• United States
6 Aug 12
Success is a state of being. If you are not successful, you are failing; you cannot fail until you give up and quit trying. It is very important to have supporter when you are on a quest to achieve success; with supporters, success is merely a hallow victory. You are lucky, sajith, to have such a supportive family, they are your success.
@GreenMoo (11834)
5 Aug 12
I think that aiming for success in the conventional way is not what we should be doing. Success on a personal level is all about being happy, loving and being loved, treading lightly and leaving a legacy of joy. When you are no longer here, who will care if you were successful in the conventional sense? That you had a flashy car or a holiday every year or one of the other symbols of 'success'?
@else22 (4317)
• India
4 Aug 12
It is a good news that you don't fail each and every time.In fact,nobody fails or succeeds every time and in everything he does.Success and failures are parts of our lives.You are fortunate that people love you.I appreciate you that you want to make people feel proud of you.I am sure you have a lot of time ahead and you can succeed in anything anytime in future,because you have a positive attitude.I wish you a resounding success in life.
• Philippines
4 Aug 12
Hi there!!! Everyone has his own shares of failure. Nobody was born extremely lucky and experience success without the failures. Everybody starts in early life trying to walk and falling in the process, but getting up again and trying to walk again. It seems funny watching a toddler do that, but that's how life is. We fall, we get up and fall again. And hey, no matter how hard we fall, people who care and love you always give you a hand. And that's what's amazing, having people around you who are your cheerleaders. Cheering you on when you're down and cheering you on when you're up!
• Philippines
5 Aug 12
your peers and family really loves you no matter how many success or failure your facing in.. don't forget, think before you act to have a good decision..