Reviews about "The Amazing Spiderman"-2012

August 5, 2012 6:21am CST
Hey folks! I was wondering about how people found the movie, please share your reviews here....
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• United States
24 Nov 12
As a person who grew up watching spider-man, somethings that happened in the amazing spider-man I liked because of the story line. But as far as the action plan, I like the other spider-man movies bfore this. The other spider-man made it feel live as if I was there. The new spider-man didn't do that for me.
@tinkti (15)
12 Aug 12
if we compare with the movies before it is not better. we have always drawn the figure of spidey as tobey, so it is hard to change that. there are too many new stuffs in the new movie that ruin our perception of the real spiderman movie, that is why many people will find it hard to like the new movie. but, from my personal opinion it is quite good.
@ajinleo (283)
• India
5 Aug 12
I don't like the movie at all. I don't even like the one who played the role of Peter Parker/ Spider Man. According to me, the spider man role suits Tobey Maguire only. Tobey Maguire played the role of spider man in the first three films.
7 Aug 12
I haven't seen it yet --'
@redtesha (1773)
• Indonesia
10 Aug 12
I have already watch that movie, and I just can say it's worst! Tobey is the best actor for that movie. that man (who play in The Amazing Spiderman, and I don't know who is he) can't beat Tobey's acting! Tobey can play that movie very well and Tobey play Spiderman 3 times!! well, for the plot movie is great, the technology, sounds, effect, and everything is better than old one Spiderman, but still no no no for actor guy. I think The Amazing Spiderman still need Tobey :)