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August 6, 2012 1:16am CST
hey guys!! Right now I am in the middle of a big trip in the USA, and in the last week I was in California. I was in the Disneyland and in the Univesal Studios. Both parks were amazing and I enjoyed every minute being there... Anyway, in about two weeks I am going to reach New york. I have almost a week to spend in New York, so I thought about spending one day in the six flags great adventure in New Jersey. I know that the Disneyland and the six flags are very differnet parks. I went to the disneyland because I have never been in a Disney park and I enjoyed the speacial theme rides, the shows and the special pray. However, I am still willing to experience the amazing rollercoasters of the six flags. I would like to know what do you think about universal studios and disneyland, and hear about your wxperience there. I also want to know what do you think about the six flags in NJ: What do you think about it? Is it worth the driving from New York (Brooklyn)? Is there something importent I should know before I'll get there? Thank you for your responses!!!
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• Philippines
6 Aug 12
hi hagmic, Sorry, I can't help because I haven't been there yet but it's so amazing that you're having so fun in there! It's a great experience for sure! Have a wonderful trip! :)
@TeamCholent (2832)
• United States
6 Aug 12
Universal is a great place! Please tell me you did the studio tour and got to see how they make some movies etc? Driving to New Jersey is not as bad as it sounds and I think 6 flags is awesome. You can also try and visit Hersheys or Mountain Creek(in Pennsylvania)which is a water park and in this heat that is great. Enjoy your travels!
@beamer88 (4261)
• Philippines
6 Aug 12
It really sounds like you're having a great time. I haven't step foot on the US. I'm planning too though when I'm financially capable of doing so . I would love to bring my son to these two amazing parks you've been. Although I've visited Honk Kong Disneyland and the Universal Studios in Singapore, I know they somewhat pale in comparison to the original parks in the US. And since we still had a good time, I'm certain we'll have a grand time there. Sorry I couldn't help on your other queries. I do hope someone from around there could respond. I'm also interested in knowing about it
@much2say (52354)
• Los Angeles, California
6 Aug 12
Ah, glad you enjoyed CA (I'm in Southern CA - so you were quite near me!). I can imagine the excitement of going to Universal Studios and especially to Disneyland for the first time!! I grew up here, so I've been going to these amusement parks all my life. We were actually planning to go to Universal Studio this summer but decided our kids might be too young to appreciate it. Anyone who likes movies and appreciated the behind-the-scenes will love it. I just found out one my mom friends was a stunt person for one of the shows a while back! Disneyland is still an amazing place . . . and being a parent, I can really "see the magic" for my kids (well, we have yet to take my littlest one there - sooon). Almost everything is "little" kid friendly - it's just that it's so expensive to go there!! Last time we went was a couple years ago - we also went to California Adventure the 2nd day which was a new one for us . . . for the expense, we made a vacation out of it! I haven't been to Six Flags in NJ, but I'm surprised you didn't make it out to our Six Flags out here (in Valencia)! I have been to this place more than Universal or Disneyland because it's a lot closer to where we live. My kids are still too short for the big rides, but there is a smaller ride area for the little ones. They know we go in December - when there is a Toy Drive . . . bring in a toy and you get in free. Anyway, if you like some serious, thrill rides - Six Flags is the place to go (different from Universal or Disneyland) - I'm assuming no matter where you go! Have fun on the rest of your trip!!