aim is important in our life?

August 10, 2012 6:17am CST
I think aim is very important in our life. you have no aim , then your life is no meaningful. aim is depend our life sitiuation. a correct aim keep pearson that start her aim in childtime may be about age is 17 to 20. aim is indicate meturity. good aim followers are keep one of the things good communication skill and good self confidance. hai guys any other opinion about this?
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• India
10 Aug 12
Yes, you are right. I do agree with you. Life without AIM OR GOAL is just like car running without driver. The people having goal in their life always achieve more than the people without goal.Any one can achieve extraordinary things by keeping goal in their life.Keeping only GOAL and not doing nothing will land to no where.But keep goal and work hard to achieve the same, definitely you will reach where you want to go.In Any field i mean to say in any business, profession or job, you can get succeed by keeping goal.Goal can be two type; short term goal and long term goal.short term goal may be for one day, week or month but long term goal may be for years or life time.So Goal or air is playing important role in every one's life...!
@maezee (42248)
• United States
10 Aug 12
Having goals and aspirations is definitely important in life..Otherwise, you basically have no purpose and no chance of succeeding, basically, right? I am still unsure of what my goals are beyond "being successful", but hopefully I will come up with some eventually. My most immediate goal is to get my bachelor degree!
@riyauro (6421)
• India
10 Aug 12
yes one should have some aim and goal in life, otherwise life is meaningless and there won't be any direction to follow. Aim gives us direction in life to take steps for the future. Aim can be short term and long term. Long term is like what you want after certain long years of life and short term is like what you want with in a couple of years or with month basis. thanks for sharing. have a wonderful day
@sol521 (61)
• Philippines
10 Aug 12
Yeah, that's right! We need to aim higher because once we learn how to aim higher good things will begin to happen. We don't have to rely on our luck or wait for good things to happen. There's always success if we will just put ourselves into it.