If you wake up in the last movie/game you saw and/or played. How you survive?

@FluxNL (503)
August 11, 2012 9:46pm CST
I just played Fallout 3 on the Xbox360. I think I will survive by scavenge everything what is usefull for me. (Ammo, Leather, Weapons, Melee Weapons etc.) I will hunt for Brahmins (Cows) and I will live on their flesh. I will go out only in the night, because they will notice you less. What is your survival plan with the movie/game you watched/played the last time? Discuss!
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@elivna04 (51)
• Philippines
15 Aug 12
The last movie I watched was Yogi Bear so I'm pretty much sure I can survive a cuddly talking bear. However, the last game I played was Diablo II. I, too, will survive by scavenging everything that is useful to me. I'd buy lots of town portals, so I could go back to town and heal myself anytime. I would befriend everyone in town and try to ask for bargains. I also have to ask assistance to Kashya and ask her to give me free archer. Not only will I survive Diablo, but I think I'd be really rich by then from selling weapons, armors and misc things! Lol
• Philippines
16 Aug 12
I always go with sorceress/assassin coz I prefer having a female char. But I think I'll survive too if I have the necromancer's power. I can summon and raise skeletons etc. By that, I can have a full army ready to fight with me. And if only I can get a Paladin as an ally (for shield) then we'll be unstoppable.
• United States
12 Aug 12
The last game I played was "Marvel Alliance", and I would hope that I would be one of the superheroes kicking some butt. I would survive by taking down all of the bad guys.
@FluxNL (503)
• Netherlands
12 Aug 12
What would you do if you're a bad guy or a hero with stupid powers? I think I will survive by being really defensive and trying to outrun the enemy by good condition or something. Being smart is the whole point.