Do we really work for money ?

August 12, 2012 9:18pm CST
Today One of my colleague said "I love my job". So i told him "Do it for free without salary...". No response from me. So i think internally money would be the motivator. Do we really work for money or we love or job because of salary ?
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• Philippines
13 Aug 12
generally, money is the reason why we work. but basically, if we try to look at it deeply, we are looking for job to have money SO THAT WE MAY SUSTAIN OUR BASIC NEEDS and as well as our family's needs and if possible also the wants. loving your job is the reason why we stay long for that job we have
• United States
13 Aug 12
I once read a book called THE SEVEN SPIRITUAL LAWS OF SUCCESS, written by Deepak Chopra. The last spiritual law in the book is called The Law Of Dharma. It's all about connecting with a way to serve and work that is a very natural fit for you. It's also the work opportunity that you enjoy so much that it might not seem like work. It's more like a hobby where you, throw yourself into it, without consider your pay. Of course, your attract money but the money, is a side benefit. Have you ever seen a painter who paints so beautifully that they are passionate about their work? Often times there paintings are in demand so they manage to attract money doing what they love.
@thezone (9394)
• Ireland
13 Aug 12
There is no other reason to work unfortunately. We are in a sad state of affairs all round.
@victorkrish (1614)
• Malaysia
13 Aug 12
Nowadays most of people believe that : We work for money And Money work for us. So, its doesn't feel weird if people work for money and of course they love their career too. Love your job not your company, as i know. All for money. Have a nice day.