most finacial advisers are wrong in my perspective because

August 13, 2012 1:14pm CST
they are telling people to play it safe, to live below their means. they are telling people to save money. they tell investment would be risky. that means these advisers are not focusing on winning, they are focusing on not losing. There is a very big difference.
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• India
14 Aug 12
Hi friend, we must be very careful while investing, we must make a lot of research before investing our money, there is nothing wrong in investing, but give more attentions while investing your money
@scheng1 (24668)
• Singapore
14 Aug 12
Hi Hemanthpammu, they are right to tell people to save money, and to protect their money. Bear in mind that they are financial advisers. If you want to take risk and earn big money, then you should start a business. That is the only way to get rich with little capital, and with a risk of losing all the money. If you start a business, you do not need financial adviser. You need tax adviser, accountants, and lawyers. You need to take huge risk that could mean losing everything, and end up with huge debt.
@AidaLily (1450)
• United States
13 Aug 12
I am studying to be an accountant and have helped people. First, for people that want to be able to save money, but barely have extra at the end of the month to start saving... the advice is usually to live below their means. If you want to invest, you need to be able to save money to invest. However, investments are tricky and there is always a risk of losing everything or gaining. It is a gamble and some people do not like gambling. The "live below your means" advice is not about winning or losing or anything like that, but trying to help people build a savings. Not everyone can live below their means, but a lot of people struggling to save also live above their means or try to live above their means. An example is every month a person brings home a net pay of $1,200 a month. They pay their rent, bills, and everything and barely have $20. This person's bills include cable, internet, a cell phone, water, electric, gas. They spend most of their grocery money on eating out at fast food places, and even though they only have that much waste money on new gadgets and other such things. For a lot of people, at least in America, that phrase includes not eating out at restaurants, going to see movies, buying something expensive every paycheck and much more especially since job security isn't always guaranteed. That advice is to help some people get into a position in which they either can invest or continue to keep saving. There are many people that just don't know how much money they "throw away" each day.
@moulee87 (320)
• India
13 Aug 12
Hemanth! I do lot of analysis to invest in market but I never did because it is not a stable one! I always save my money in my bank account where I get little interest paid for it. Saving money in bank for future use is the only investment that we can do without any risk! We do have some investments that brings us enormous returns but more the returns more the risk! But I never say that investing money other than bank is not good. Do good analysis before investing. Ask your surroundings and friends before investing and find some people who have really benefited by the investment that you choose. So that the probability if risk goes down and you can stay cool to get a better returns! Happy earning in investments as well as mylot too!