What is the strangest thing you ever consume?

@FluxNL (503)
August 13, 2012 7:46pm CST
When I was in Indonesia with my family, my brother came with food which I don't know what it was. So I ate it and it tasted weird, but it was ok. Afterwards I asked to my brother what I just consumed. When my brother said it were chicken Intestines, I didn't believe him, but he was serious. This was the strangest thing I ever consumed. What is your story?
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@inedible (768)
• Singapore
14 Aug 12
Chicken is a pretty normal food in most parts of the world. I didn't know there were countries where it was considered strange to eat chicken. o__O Anyways, strangest thing I've ever eaten is probably some kind of vegetarian fake meat. The texture and taste were all really strange, even though it actually looked quite like meat.
@FluxNL (503)
• Netherlands
14 Aug 12
No in Indonesia it isn't strange to eat chicken haha, but I prefer only wings and legs, but not intestines, haha! That was a strange thing to eat, not eating chicken, I can't live without chicken, I need chicken haha! :) Vegatarian meat is gross if you ask me, It doesn't taste like meat, ofcourse not, but why don't spiceit up or something ;p
@KOSTAS499 (1624)
• Greece
17 Aug 12
Lamp intestants. But it is common in Greece to eat intestants. They are very good delicacies. Do you mean the heart, liver and lungs?