will we be the big four again next season?

@tinkti (15)
August 15, 2012 8:02am CST
the new season is approaching. the red has done the preseason and all the preparation. we have recruited some new players. what do you think about our chance in the upcoming season? do you think we can be the big four again? give me your consideration.
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• Indonesia
22 Aug 12
This is my prediction. I think the opportunity to return to Liverpool's big four English league is very difficult because as we all know their opponents now have increased not Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal alone. But there are new forces such as Manchester City, who last season won the league, Tothenham Hotspur and Newcastle United. If Liverpool can not mengeeluarkan best game they do not expect they can get 4 large. In the first course pertandiangan weary and defeated Liverpool 3-0.
@ram_cv (16513)
• India
15 Aug 12
As much as I would like to see Liverpool in the top 4, I have to say that I doubt it. Liverpool is just a 2-3 good player club currently. It needs to start building a team that can compete more regularly at this level. I think Brendan Rodgers has a 2-3 year project in front of him and if he does well, Liverpool might come back in the reckoning in 2 years time. But this season, I would be pleasantly surprised if they do it. Cheers! Ram
@adhyz82 (36249)
• Indonesia
15 Aug 12
liverpool must improved their performance if they want to play in Champions league.. and Brendan Rodgers maybe will be the best solution for any Liverpudlian.. He bring a new tactics for Liverpool squad.. i ever hear that the soccer commentator that the style of Liverpool now is similar with Barcelona, they play possesion ball, patient and passing from one foot to another foot..