What I hate about the internet.

August 22, 2012 12:19pm CST
Now the internet has good things but there are certain things about the internet that really annoy me. 1) The fact that there is so much gambling advertised everywhere and that there are so many gambling sites. There should be a limit to how many gambling sites there can be, especially now when so many people have no jobs and so will find any change to make easy money appealing and could end up in a great deal of debt. 2)Dating sites. There are so many websites these days for dating, such as oasis, e-harmony, match. I mean its everywhere and there are no checks on these sites so a married man could actually go on there pretend to be single and have an affair.It annoys me at how easy it is now to have an affair if a person wanted to.
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@victorkrish (1614)
• Malaysia
24 Aug 12
The main reason they acts like that because wanna earn money quick and a lot of attempt is occur. They doesn't think a good way even bad, but just solely on money and money. Its cannot be prevent but can be avoid. Thats it. Just get a lot of good indeed within internet. Earn money even getting a lot of sharing news. informatics.
@tedifa (1233)
• Indonesia
23 Aug 12
Internet is world wide web,everyone can show anything on internet.Now,there are so many ways to make money online faster.Gambling and dating website including of the faster ways.Internet user now have to manage what kind of web,good or bad for him.It depends on character and work.You can blame any gambling or dating sites.Just ignore them and go for your favorite web.
@visavis (5934)
• Philippines
22 Aug 12
You know there many things around us are causing us bad things and giving us not really good, might be everything around but we cannot avoid it like in the internet if we are not really wise how to use internet it will gives us destruction but there are many good things getting from internet... so for me using internet is depends on us
@stary1 (6612)
• United States
22 Aug 12
chillpill90 You are right there are many gambling and dating sites...but I would almost rather have too many than someone regulating. Once rules and regs become enforced then a few can control the net and I would not want that to happen.
@riyauro (6421)
• India
22 Aug 12
I agree with you but I must say that it is the people top be blamed also. I seriously do not believe everything on the net. I have till now not let anyone take advantage of me like others. One must be careful and there are lot of things to enjoyed here on the net. So much of information. I use it to boost my knowledge and nothing else and if something like mylot to earn little money is enough for me. thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day ahead.