@vstone (69)
United States
September 4, 2006 2:57pm CST
If it were your friends birthday and you're going out with the gang to celebrate, do you let her wear your new Prada shoes that night when she asks?
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@patootie (3593)
9 Jan 07
That's easy to answer .. I wouldn't want to wear Prada shoes .. they look clompy and ugly ... haven't seen any that I like yet ... and certainly none I want to be seen wearing ... so if I ever had any Prada shoes (a prize win maybe as I certainly wouldn't waste any of my money on them) I'd give them away to the first person who would take them ..
@chalmette69 (3010)
• United States
20 Oct 06
I think I would, I mean it is her birthday, is she responsible? If not then maybe I wouldn't, but if she has borrowed stuff before and returned it than I think I would.
• United States
4 Sep 06
No, only I wear my shoes.
• United States
4 Sep 06
By all means I am not selfish at all. I wouls have to say no. For one Prada is not cheap and you said new. If there new why would you loan them out. There for you to sport out first. I also don't believe in sharing foot wear. A pair of jeans is cutting it close for me. I just say no.