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United States
August 28, 2012 3:54pm CST
So I work 40+ in an IT service job, and I am bored. I am serious guys, Youtube'ed out, Facebook'ed out, and so many other things. Flash games are cool and all but they only hold your attention for a few minutes, at best. What are some other things to kill some time that you guys find interesting on the internet? I know some of you will say MyLot but honestly I have almost given up on here too, mainly because it seems like people don't actually read, or take the time to respond more than a couple lines, unless of course you have a way to make a few pennies lol. If you have ways online that make money and are interesting I don't mind those, hell I would be interested, but it isn't about that for me really. I just want something to kinda of mess around with. Thinking about building another website but that shouldn't take more than a week or so. Ideas?
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@pgiblett (6524)
• Canada
29 Aug 12
Let me guess where you are going with this. You see your career in a rut; the people that seem to be advancing around you are certainly not in the IT field. Part of the problem here could be in respect with asking yourself what you now wish to do in life. To let you know I am a former IT executive, so I have been there, done that and seen it all. When my last executive role was killed as the recession started I have been through much of the same turmoil. Today I am focused on Internet Marketing and am building my own practice. However that only partially satisfies me, and writing is so important to me - taking up the other half of my time. You need to sit down and understand what will satisfy you before making any steps in any direction. Where do you wish to be in 5 years time? Answer this question and you may have a clue to your future. Be honest with yourself brainstorm that and perhaps you will get an inkling of where to go next.
29 Aug 12
What about learning a scripting language e.g. PHP. When you're bored, just look at a few tutorials and try creating a few little scripts. It can be fun, and you're learning at the same time!
@echoforever (5180)
• United States
28 Aug 12
Yes I was going to say myLot. I have seen what you mean about here at times but I've also seen the other side of this community with the people who love to take their time to contribute here. I think I am more one of those who enjoy reading and actually responding in a way that may lead to more discussion. I guess the site comes with both sides, you will see both, I hope you will see more from the community than you have so far. Another option might be matesgate. Its a social network that pays its users every month on the 16th. You can be paid just for using the site but there's options in the "Income Generator" to get more from the site. You could probably do the IG sites in your spare time and use the site like a normal social network at work. Its pretty neat and the IG sites are somewhat addictive for me. Check it out and see what you think. If you end up joining put EchoRain in the "who referred you" box, you need both first and last name and if you need help being active, send me a mail.