It's been a long time

August 29, 2012 2:38am CST
Since I concentrated on my work my time for my friends suddenly stops. I don't know why I suddenly stop seeing them. We usually hang out in our friends house, talking and laughing. Sharing our thoughts, our dreams, our ideas which helps us bond more. But suddenly I stop seeing them and concentrated on my work for the reason that I am the only person who is working in our family. I have an adopted son that needs my attention, care and love. I preferred to stay home and play with him than to hang out with them. I have nothing to say against my friends. They're all good persons. In fact we've been together since we were kids. Maybe time change me. Makes me think of my priorities more. Makes me more matured. Because of this, I sometimes think, "is this healthy? Is this good? my personal life seems to be preoccupied by my family. do i need to hang out with them to develop my social skills?" If you have any comments, feel free to write. More ideas better... thank you..
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@Ladybugs (404)
• Philippines
9 Sep 12
Hello there Ahann. I think there's nothing wrong with the things happening with you right now. You are only very busy because you have some important things to do. You are just doing your responsibilities at work and with your family. It's just normal that when you are busy, it could take you a long time to hang out with your friends again. If they would ask you and the other members of your group to see each other again next time, you must come so you would feel better and you could catch up with them. I think that also happened to me before. I didn't see my high school friends for a long time because we were so busy in our college studies. We studied in different schools and places. I think, until we graduated, we didn't even see each other. I wasn't able to hang out and see some of them for almost six years. We were only able to see each other again when it was one of our friends child's baptism. If our friend wasn't able to invite us, maybe we didn't have the time to see each other yet. When we met each other again, we were all very happy together. I hope that next time, you would also be able to spend some time with your friends too so you would have your social life again. It's also good after a long time of being so busy, you should also have some time to enjoy the company of your friends. Maybe, they are also missing you right now. Just enjoy doing the things that you need to do. It's just normal to be so busy. I think I'm also like that most of the time but I'm lucky because I have my understanding friends. I hope your friends are too. Happy myLotting.:)
• Philippines
28 Sep 12
Hi Ladybugs! tnx for the message. I am also lucky to have them as my friends. first because their always there for me and second, they support me in what ever decisions i make. its been 1 hour since i parted with them. we had a great time together. although were not complete coz most of us has its own family to attend to. but atleast we had a great time. happy my lotting!
@Raine38 (12257)
• United States
29 Aug 12
Being friends doesn't mean you have to be together most of the time. You're right, people grow, responsibilities come and our free time goes shorter. If they are your true friends I'm sure they will understand what you're going through and even support you for it. Don't worry too much.
• Philippines
30 Aug 12
Thanks Raine38... My friends support me in whatever decision I make but sometimes I feel guilty for not being with them most especially when they needed me. But whenever I needed them, there very much available. maybe because they don't have that responsibilities like mine. Thank you..
• Sweden
19 Sep 12
I have the same feeling about your problem. when we were young,we had enough time to get together.once seperate,there are less greetings,less contactings,even rare oppotunity to hang out .but as a honest friend,I love them really. whenever they need me,I will be there.because true friends should cherish and love each other.they are the same important as family.
@riyauro (6421)
• India
29 Aug 12
Oh I think you must do whatever makes you feel good. If you feel like you want to meet your friends and it will make you happy to catch up with them. I would do it if I will feel happy. and it is not that you are socializing everyday. Have a wonderful day ahead.