September 4, 2006 3:34pm CST
what happens after death can u explain, the human body is destroyed,then waht happens is it all over or what,what is a soul,is it realy exists,is it a matter then why dosen't it get destroyed with body,do u know anything then plz continue ..............................
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@disturbedgd (1821)
• South Africa
23 Oct 06
i believe in heaven hopefully go there afterwards i dont want to be a corpse lying there doing nothing
• India
23 Oct 06
wish you all the best.thanks for yor response.
26 Sep 06
Hi Friend. When we have forfilled our roll on this plain we go home, we get rid of this shell we call a body and we return to the world of spirit and our loved ones, we never die. The film Ghost is very near the truth except their are no boggy men taking you away. Their are 7 levels of exsistence, and you go to that plain which you've earned,you then have to learn by your mistakes to earn the right to go to a higher plain.