sudden or gradual death which do you prefer?

August 31, 2012 8:55am CST
Well, all of us will die someday... if you would be given a chance to choose, which would you prefer, a sudden death or a gradual death due to sick? if you will die from accident, you wouldn't have the chance to talk to your love ones. and your life must end as quickly as that without any warnings... if you will gradually because of sick, of course you will suffer and the cost in the hospital will be also a thing to be worried about by you and your family but the good thing is you can say goodbye to your love ones and say whatever you want to say before your life comes to its end. some people are fighter in life, meaning they fight for their life up to the last breath remaining in them? Others take death lightly.. so mylotters, which do you prefer? I know any normal person wouldn't want to die but this death is the worst reality that we need to face whether we like it or not. So, what's your view here? Share it please and happy mylotting every one!
3 responses
@luxlyangels (1286)
31 Aug 12
Well this is a very wierd topic I must confess you know, but then again I really wouldn't wanna choose .
@ilann1 (372)
• Israel
31 Aug 12
Definitely sudden. I hate pain. Just get it over with...
@Shavkat (122255)
• Philippines
11 Nov 12
I would rather choose to die sudden if I am experiencing severe pain. There is no way I will live longer. That's an my opinionated statement.