Is God a male or female, or no gender at all?

September 2, 2012 12:27pm CST
I know that from the religions that has a "God" do usually refer to "him/her" as a male. But how exactly can people be sure that God is a male? I got to think about this. Is it possible that God can be a female? Or even not any gender at all? So maybe we should refer to God as "it"? We don't even know if God exists. For all we know, God can be a fantasy object created by Human minds. Many people believe that God is just a human creation, but they can't be sure. I am pretty sure that God gets refered to as a male, becouse males used to be domanating (Still do in Asia) over the females. You know that females used to have no rights, and had to listen to their husband for 200-300 years ago, and all time before that. This have now changed in Europe and America, but not in Asia. What is your thoughts about this? Please let me know ;)
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• Southend-On-Sea, England
2 Sep 12
I'm not religious, but if there is a God, I'd imagine such a being to be 'genderless' and more of a spiritual force than anything physical.
• Norway
4 Sep 12
I do totally agree me friend. I'm not religious either, but I do have a believe. I think that God do exist, but it's aliens. There are many stories about aliens visiting in the past. Science have also told us that our brains got 3 times larger in a very short period of time. Some scientists believe that aliens mixed their DNA with the human DNA to create the hybrid race, thats us now. The result were a larger brain, allowing us to think more, find out more and evolve more. Some day I think the aliens will visit us again, some people think they are already here...
• United States
2 Sep 12
God's gender is technically never mentioned, but due to his power God has mostly been associated as a he. I would say God is a he because Jesus and Adam are both men and they were created in the image of God.