Talking like Others

United States
September 2, 2012 2:19pm CST
Do you talk like other people at times? I have this habit of when I've been around someone for around an hour I will start to speak with my voice more like theirs. Does anyone else do this?
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@crossbones27 (28309)
• Redlands, California
2 Sep 12
My accent changes but not the sound of my voice. If my voice changed, I might start having a high-pitch voice like females. I do not think it would be good for my voice to sound like a females. Then I would have to stop hanging around females and I do not want to have to do that.
• United States
2 Sep 12
I pretty well change everything from my laugh to my accent. And it's not that I try to nor do it to impress them, it is just automatic.
• Southend-On-Sea, England
2 Sep 12
I don't think I do it myself, but I did go on holiday to Scotland some years ago with someone from Canada. We were touring Scotland for 12 days, and by the end of the holiday, the Canadian was speaking with a strong Scots accent.
@jaiho2009 (38989)
• Philippines
2 Sep 12
I can adopt with the accent, but I cannot change my voice. It's even fun to imitate other's accent especially with close friends. And it's also good to know that we can imitate their accent or the way our friends speak.
@Chispa514 (871)
• Montreal, Quebec
2 Sep 12
I'm the same way, my accent changes based on who I'm speaking with. Its rather funny, because I don't try to do it, it just naturally happens. Sometimes people say they don't know what my real accent/voice is because in one conversation it can change about 5 times.