Just for inherently hopeless romantics...

September 4, 2012 3:41pm CST
We all encounter in one way or another how people had expressed their love for a partner. We may had read it somewhere or somebody had told about this couple who did something so sweet that ants had diabetic attacks after an hour of just watching. If you're like me, "why go thru all the trouble" type guy & combined with the look of e=mc2 discovery, then we are the unfortunate souls - or of what our partners had to bear - of a certain life's malaise though all is not lost as it is very much curable. So, let's hear it. Would anyone share their idea of romance - barefoot sunset beach walk somewhere in an island off pacific, a one liter sip of her favorite chocovanilstrawberrypeanut butter mix with two straws in an extra large size glass or just some simple neck massage as she's trying to organize the piling house bill. Any which way, can we hear some where it may serve to help-out those who are less in this area of human social skills?
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