Rash driving can cost your life!

September 5, 2012 12:10am CST
Now a days many people dies of road accidents due to rash driving than of any disease.rash driving is very dangerous as it can cost your life.youngsters enjoy rash driving but they donot realise that not only their life is on risk but people who walk or drive around them are also subjected to this risk.they have no right to cause others life in danger.recently i heared that 3 youngster died in a road accident as they were rash driving,their car hit the pole and then toppled.an old man who was passing therby also got injured but thank god he is now well.everyone should take care of traffic rules.drive safely.
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• United States
6 Sep 12
Yeah. I hate these drivers because they tend to be more risky and less secure. The car companies realized this and try to increase the price on insuring young drivers. I think more education needs to be shown to young drivers. I think they should all attend a mandatory driving session where they explain the hazards of driving and show gruesome photos of accidents. I think it's best to deter them before they get into any accidents at all.
@kongno (431)
• Philippines
5 Sep 12
i used to drive in a hurry with my motorcycle until i crashed into a jeepney that is turning left without any warning, thank God i only suffer minor bruises and some small wounds from then on i always drive at a reasonable speed until one day i stop using my motorcycle and change it to an e bike which can only run 40 to 45km/hr
@Otanetix (508)
• United States
5 Sep 12
Yes, it is surprising how people can be so careless when driving. People sometimes wonder what causes these crazy drivers to drive the way they do. Knowing the difference between right and wrong is important. I think people who engage in reckless driving do not take time to analyze the risks of their actions. While harsher punishments may prevent some people to do it, I think it's a personality issue that creates rash drivers, which needs to be monitored.