"Please come home," says Mom and Dad.

September 5, 2012 9:00pm CST
One of the most heartbreaking thing that I can think of is when my parents miss me and I cannot attend to their needs because of my schedule. I am far away from home because of work. Although I enjoy being with my boyfriend and friends who live nearby, there will always be those lonely moments when I just want to go home and be with my parents. To my parents, I will always be that fragile little girl who whines and cries about little things. I believe that, before, they had used to be so annoyed about me being too needy and dependent on them. Now they text me or call me saying that I am all grown up and that I do not need them anymore. They say it to me in a sad and wistful manner. Every time they do that, I always cry because it is not true! I will always need them in my life. I will always find a way to spend time with them by saving money and filing my leaves at work during special occasions so I can be with them. How do you tell your parents not to miss you so much? I love the fact that they miss me but I really do not want them to be sad and do that "self-pity" thing that I do not need them anymore.
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• Italy
6 Sep 12
Dear, You can't tell anyone not to miss them more, if somebody loves you that somebody will miss you no matter what. If you'll tell your parents this, it may happen that they wouldn't tell you that often then. But they can not stop missing you. When they tell you that you are all grown up and you don't need them anymore, they don't really mean that. It's as if when a kid says to his dad that "You come home late so that you don't have to tell me a bed-time story". They want you to react and tell them that you love them and you miss them too. That's only why they say that:)
• Philippines
7 Sep 12
I think that is true. They want me to contradict what they say about me. I guess they do want to hear from me that I miss them and I still need them in my life, which is the truth of course. I will always be their little girl. Thank you for the kind words! It meant a lot to me.