What your reaction when your friend tease you look older than them?

aging process - aging process s normal.
September 9, 2012 8:12am CST
My auntie get mad when her naughty nieces and nephew tease her about her wrinkles and then she shy away. she explain to her that aging is a natural process for every living things and her time would come when those signs could also experience by her. this nephew and nieces of her did not stop making fun of her wrinkles, so it becomes annoying. there also times when she encounter friend who also tease her so she just shrugged her shoulder and tell them that she have it, because she forget to put moisturizer. aging is uncontrollable process, and although there are product to delay aging it is still unstoppable. some people aged gracefully with positive view of life while other people take aging as a something to be ashamed of.
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• Philippines
9 Sep 12
Hello fantasticbabe. I agree with you that the aging process should not be shied about because it is natural and it has it's benefits. When i see old people, i treat them with respect since they have gone through hardships a lot in their time and they still keep going on living. We should frequently say that with age comes wisdom as it will help us cope with the problem of thinking we hate getting old. In your auntie's instance, experts say that women hate knowing that they are aging although it is obvious. So the likely solution to that problem is to let them be how they think they are even if you disagree. It helps in your relationships. Good day to you. Good luck as well, he he.
• Philippines
9 Sep 12
yes, that true. and even me if someday someone would ask me or compare me. It also become annoying. We need to accept the truth and t so sad that people sometimes have little understanding. They might look young today but there are times where they would also aged. many people become insecure having those telltale sign in there face and tend to hide it or denied it by applying beauty products. I understand your statement that respect is the key to calm older people as we see our self in there situation. it becomes hurt when youngsters treat there elderly. It is kinda insulting and humiliating. yes, woman are vain and its include me and also men as well. They are very sensitive to care for there skin to look more attractive to there partner. have a good day!
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@annavi23 (6522)
• Philippines
10 Sep 12
as of now, i haven't been teased that way. i guess i'm far away from that. but, when i say my age to them, they would always say i look younger than my age. lucky for me though cause i don't have an attitude of applying moisturizers or evn lotions at times. but my sisters always say, i have to put those on to have smooth skin. i know i am not that too-girly and i don't apply much of anything. i am just an ordinary girl who doesn't have any girly touch...
@KOSTAS499 (1624)
• Greece
9 Sep 12
I tease everybody because I am 36 and I look 25-28. So the joke is on them. :)