Extinction tubes.

United States
September 11, 2012 5:47pm CST
Hey. I just got a extinction tube for my Canon Rebel Ti3 i believe is what it is. And i have no clue how to use the tube :/ I have viewed youtube videos and it says to focus it in. but its all blurry. i have tried turning the lens to focus it in more, but its not working. Is there another way to focus in maybe in the camera settings instead of adjusting the lens? Thanks so much.
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• Philippines
15 Sep 12
get closer to your subject... sometimes it's like a limiter's away... before it focus. and try turning the focus ring... by the way what lens are you using? most of the time i am using a 18-55mm for my Etubes... so i can zoom in or out with the subjects. if you get too close they will run away so i use the 55mm zoom to get it closer but then i will adjust the focus ring again because it will change DOF and making my subject very blur. http://roommyt.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d56xa74 http://roommyt.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d56t0kn http://roommyt.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d56t13k
• Philippines
1 Oct 12
hey if you have the lens that came with the camera my best bet is it's a 18-55mm lens... with the ET you need to zoom the lens to 55mm or it's max. then try to focus... before i focus it to a subject like flower perhaps i use my index finger. i move my finger infront of the lens (closest then farther away). when it starts to have a clear image just give a mental note how far you finger from the lens so that it would be easier for you to know where is your focal point.
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27 Sep 12
It is the lens that came with my camera, i dont know the mm. i am just now getting the accessories for my camera :) The extenction tube was the first thing i got, now i have a micro/wide lens that i attach to my normal lens. I have a tulip now, i havent played with the tulip yet and i also got 3 diffusers thats coming in the mail any day now. I have played and played with the extenction tube. I'm starting to think its the wrong size for my lens mm. But im not giving up. Thankyou for your links and the Pringle can idea :) Deffniately gonna have to try that. looks pretty interesting.
@godwinnv (58)
• Philippines
12 Sep 12
so you mean extension tubes to convert your lens into macro lens. if it is not working on autofocus just switch your lens (A/M lever) into M-manual focus so that you could focus on your subject manually.
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15 Sep 12
don't use the word converter because there is also a converter... an extension tube is something that you attach (like he said) and it will enable you to get closer to the subject giving you more large image. the converter is something that you use to multiply the zoom capabilities of your lens... like if its x1.5 you will multiply your lens with 1.5 and you will get the zoom power. like if i have a 50mm (in full frame) then i have a x1.5 teleconverter then i will have a 75mm equivalent lens on my hands.... remember that both will affect the brightness of your lens... like it can take 3 full stops of your exposure. so meaning your subject that is bright if not using any extension tube or teleconverter would be dark when you use one. same as the teleC the Etubes can also give you more capabilities to get even closer to your subject depending on how many Etubes you are stalking together... but remember it takes away light. and if you are not using an intelligent Etubes or auto Etubes then you can't change your aperture (i just wish you know this) too. and that would be even a great problem because you are stuck with one aperture setting for all eternity. and if you ask why i know this because i am using a non intelligent Etubes... and i do need light to get a good expose subject and sometimes i even end up increasing my iso just to get a good image. tips in macro photography; try not to go below 1/80 sec of your shutter speed because it will create motion blur making your subject well a waste. remember there are times that the subject moves (like ants and bees) and sometimes the wind gives you a headache. and please do some favor, use a tripod believe me it helps you to focus your subject. if your subject is very underexpose then try to give it a light (use a flash or use a diffuser for your pop-up flash try this http://www.diyphotography.net/super-easy-macro-lighting-using-a-pringles-can). and if all things failed it's time to increase your iso.
• Indonesia
31 Oct 12
I am agree with luntian_grace, there are so much different between converter and extension tube. I use a non intelligent Extension Tube too, I use with my Nikkor 50mm 1,4 Ais an old nikon fix lens. First thing before shoot the object, I select the diagfragma at F/8 and manually set the speed and ISO until get the best exposure that I want. For focusing, I don't use focus ring at lens body because the DOF area is too tight, so I must place the camera position and going up a very little step or back to get the perfect focus. There are so many and big challenge to shoot a macro style with extension tube, but it's fun if you like and get an amazing photo :)
@Aquitaine24 (11653)
• San Jose, California
1 Oct 12
if you still can't get it to work,try the Geek Squad if you have a best Buy in your area.I know they sell that camera there,and they always have someone on hand who knows the ins and outs of the ones they sell htere.Good luck!