I wanna have my own business soon but where should I start?

September 14, 2012 6:05am CST
My greatest dream is to have a business that is fashion related. It seems that it is very difficult to achieve and not that realistic to my current situation. Should I opt to make a business that easily earns customers or Should I follow my heart or passion?
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• Philippines
13 Mar 13
hi, i feel the same way like you do now. I wanted to start my own business as well but clueless on what it should be. Just like you I wanted to sell clothes,accessories, shoes anything about fashion. however, it needs a big capital which i do not have, so i resorted to online selling but things did not go as planned. ecommerce was kinda slow so i kinda stopped. i say follow your heart but be cautious as well not unless if its okay that your money sleeps for awhile while you build a clientele. that's if money is not a problem for you. But if you need to have your investment return soon then you have to look for something else and do another thing instead. i am currently surfing the net about other ways to earn home based and online... i kinda like to work from home than slaving away about 11 hours working for someone else. what is appealing to me are these companies that you can join for a fraction of the cost and allows you to sell necessary products like eloading,prepaid cards and internet cards reload, bills payment, remittance, domestic and international ticketing all in the comfort of my home. by the way where u from in the phil?
@jdalaqui (1073)
• Philippines
11 Mar 13
The fact that you have an idea, a great idea and a desire to do it, you have started already. Open your eyes for resources such as friends, or any little things that you have right now. Be willing to start insignificantly and soon you will realize that you are stepping higher than yesterday.
• United States
10 Mar 13
Well I believed that, if you think that you can do it, you are absolutely right; but if you think you can't do it, you are right as well. There are two kinds of people out there, the actors and the expectators. It depends on how bad do you want it. The world always conspires to our favor. That is right! It doesn't matter what the current situation is you will always get what you want sooner or later, if you REALLY WANT IT. The reality is that there one thing that is called time constraints that let you rethink whether what you REALLY WANT is a business related with fashion. But I believe that if you are an actor in your life and want the things that happen for you; go for it. However, always think if you really want to pay the price for that particular thing in your life. That is really important! You never know what is going to happen. Eventually, you will realized that if it is going to be for you, it will be for you. But if you never tried, you will never know! Hope this helps! :)
@Reneelao (223)
• Philippines
15 Sep 12
hi, nice to hear about having a business, for me I will go first with the heart, if you don't feels the business inside you heart, where will the passion be? you also have to consider the trends of the business you are going to venture in. start with a small investment, maybe a home based would help you from your initial capital investment. from there, you will know the next steps. hoping you will have a successful business
@toyota4k (1208)
• Philippines
14 Sep 12
If fashion is your passion, that's where you might succeed. The component of a successful business, however,is the locale. Would you sell in that area? are there potential buyers in that area and how much would it cost to sell? Will here be a return of investment? These are the things to consider.
@Janurmas (642)
• Indonesia
15 Jan 13
To start a business you should survey the location, demographic, geographic, and the market demand. A business that easily to get customers is a saloon business. Woman often go to saloon to primp. Try to find the best place to start a saloon business. I think is is good for you because you like fashion.
@riyauro (6421)
• India
14 Sep 12
I think you should listen to your heart and do what it says and never give up on your dreams no matter how tough it say look to make it come true. Otherwise meanwhile you can start off with what you are getting and the rest will follow and far as you will be doing something and you know that your dream is yet to come and work hard. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day ahead.