When You Stay Home from Work

September 15, 2012 9:12am CST
There are only two reasons why people should stay home from work; either they are sick or there is a personal emergency. Now what about those people who stay home from work because they just feel the need to? It's not the right thing. But sometimes, it's a good thing. Maybe it's the other way around; I don't really know. But there is just a certain fulfillment when you stay home from work because you don't feel like going to work, seeing your boss, and responding to your clients. You just want to stay home, relax, and worry about the consequences the next day. This is somewhat a daring move or a stupid one. But you just feel the need to and say, "Screw them. I'm staying home!"
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@kemak28 (724)
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15 Sep 12
Sometimes we just need a personal day for ourselves and a mental break from the stress. I would do it from time to time and it would help me work better and be more productive the next day at work. We had pto days where I worked( paid time off) and could use those days as we pleased whether it was for being sick, an emergency, vacation or just a personal day.