Love and marriage

Sri Lanka
September 16, 2012 3:36am CST
Normally in Asian countries people before their marriage not living together. After their marriage they are living together. But in Europien countries it is very different . They are living together before their marriage and live as husbond and wife before their marriage. Do you think this is good or bad? Give me your idea?
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• Greece
16 Sep 12
Practising Christians are taught to wait until after the marriage before living together. This is why girls marry in white wedding dresses, it is a sign of purity. In European countries this is no longer true. Some girls opt for cream, at least this is not hypocritical. We are told to wait because fornication is a sin. For people who do not hold religious views I believe it is still better to wait. Marriage is a special commitment, one we undertake for better or worse. If we live together then we go our separate ways if things start to go wrong. It is easy to do this when there is no legal bonding. Married partners are more inclined to try and sort things out. It is a more adult attitude I believe.
• Indonesia
16 Sep 12
I'm Asian so in norm here, it's bad to live together like husband and wife before you're married. Of course staying virgin also important here. In America and Europe living together before married may not be bad but in my country that's surely a bad thing to do.
• Cyprus
16 Sep 12
How it worked out with my husband is that in order to live with him I had to be engaged with him. So the same time we moved in together, the same time we got engaged. Luckily, we got a long and are well together, but if it were not to work out between us I think the fact that we were engaged would've made the break-up a lot more serious. I think it's important to live together before marriage and just be in a relationship, so that if things don't work out, it's not so serious when you break up.