my third day in Jlin daily news paper's branch city evening news

@rocketsky (1013)
September 18, 2012 3:08am CST
well,I got to say, today is my third day Jilin daily newspaper, and my feeling is a little bit complex and yet a little bit wierd. I never thought of having such a place where there is no strict work rules and requirement on employees. I remmeber clearly the first I came here, I just sat down there in the couch without doing anything. I dont know what to do and how to react,LCL,a little bit thumb. When everybody sat there staring at you with some odd sight,you just think that whether this is a place which really belongs to you. For thr third day, I followed one of the reporter to interview one of the community in nanguan district.there we met the responsible person of the district.she told us some of the newest information about the creative measures of the community.this is actually one of the most leading community in the whole city of changchun. there you deeply felt that people's life has totally changed.with the help of the leaders, we came to visit one of the local family,this is a kinder garden.we saw many innocent and cute kids there. after we enjoyed the meal, we came back to the office,then I tried to write my very first article after the interview. when my dad asked me do you really like this job?I dont know hot to response.for one hand, this is a place where you could get some of the most admirable various insurance including the pension,the medical insurance, insurance for injuries occurred from work,the obstetrics insurance. These insurance are something that have attracted a lot of people. These are also something my parents always hope me to get. I dont know whether I like it or not. I just know that I am doing something that my parents would like me to do. On the other hand, I have abondoned my own ideal job which is related with foreign trade and international trade. I could reflect my own value when I am doing the job as a translator years ago.When I was trying to help people who need English help ,I am really happy.Now the character of my job has totally changed,and I dont know hot to cope with this new pattern of life and job. No matter what will happen in the future and what I am gonna meet in the rest of my life,I will give my full efforts to initiate a new life.I will never let myself down and live in fear ,anger and anxiety. I will do my utmost to cherish every single minute of my life and doing something worth doing well.Just like what helen keler once said,give me three days I will make the world much more bright,.Now I deeply understood what she really meant. when I was in hospital last month for 20 days.I lost a lot of things. My dearesr one left,my health also left. I could only do more than every ordinary people to maintain my own health. I need more physical exercise to make maitain my blood suger level to reduce largely the possibility of having comprehensive disease. This is something that other people will never know in their life.some people say it is not a big deal to be a diabetic patient,you just need to do do more exercise and eat less in your daily life, this is the only option to make you to be healthier as dont need to worry more okay,i have said more today.I havent been here in mylot for quite a while because of my illness in hospital.I never thought that I could someday get a chance to come back to my normal lifer again. no matter what will happen in the rest of my life,I will be a new person who treat his life more seriously.Maybe I still need to blance my life between my family and my dearest girfriend.,I got no choice,I am so tired. I got to move on,I got to do something worth doing. I still have many chanced fighting for what I want to get in my life. I the following years,I need to know how to get a long well with diabete in a harmonios way.I can not go against it in the way I want myself.For someone,makingmoney is important,but for me,it will be just part of my life and never be just as important as my health.just as what the ancient people say,it is a good fortuen to be alive from some disasters.those who survived the incidents will definitely get more good luck in the future.
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18 Sep 12
Hello my friend rocketsky Ji, Well, I would only say, what satisfies one's mind, one should get involved in that. It has lot many plus points. Further all jobs have some goods and some bads. So it is upto you, what you should do and remain happy. May God bless You and have a great time