@sulsisels (1685)
United States
September 20, 2012 2:02am CST
Hi friends...I'm sitting here working on some menus for an upcoming charter and "The Long Island medium. I wont say that I have been a believer of mediums but after watching this woman for a few weeks now, Ive changed my mind. She is amazing and I do believe she has this gift..Or is it a gift? When she does readings she always validates that she is hearing from Spirit by bringing up things that only the client would understand. This woman is the real deal in my book. I find it so interesting and would love to get a reading from her. The only problem is that now that she has a reality show, the lead time to see her is over 2 years. I have no idea what she charges but she must do quite well. She is so down to earth and I love seeing her interact with her husband and kids,they are very funny and they are not trying to be. So. what do you guys think. Have you seen the show. Before you discount it, try watching it. I was skeptical but am not anymore. It's really kind of freakie but also comforting at the same time. The people that have loved ones that come forward seem to have a new peace. I think this TV show is going to take her places. I hope it does.
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@jenny1015 (13366)
• Philippines
20 Sep 12
I have really become so skeptical about paranormal things and stuff that are just beyond comprehension. I have seen lot of shows of a known medium and there are episodes that I have found to be convincing, some were so-so. I am not aware if she still has this show in the US coz it is no longer running here in our country.