The movie let me call to mind of my brother and his classmate

September 20, 2012 2:30am CST
Gump and his friend bought a ship and to shrimping,they are very happy.The pictures let me call to of my brother and his classmate. My brother and his classmate like catch fish and shrimp very much.In my eyes,it is a joke.Because they are near 30 age,and my brother have child,they are not children.When they have rest time,they will call each other to catch fish and shrimp.They bring the tools which they made by themselves,go to the river and lake to do their best times. Last time,my brother bring some shrimp.He let my mother boil the shrimp for my daughter,my mother say the shrimp were catch from the pollute river,don't boil.My brother boiled and would let my daughter eat,but my mother stoped his action. Last,my brother drop the shrimp to the hens,my daughter shout "I want to eat shrimp...I want to eat shrimp..." It's very funny... Last time,my brother's classmate called my brother asker if my brother have time,my brother said he have rest time,then they do their interest thing. I think,if my brother and his classmate have a chance as Gump,maybe they will buy a shrimping ship... HAHA :) My brother and his classmate are lovely as children!!!
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