What are you views on punishment of Minor Drug Offenders?

United States
November 22, 2006 12:09am CST
I believe that people cause with marijuana for thier own use should not be punished at all. People who are selling marijuana should be set free with small fines. Too much jail space and taxpayer dollars are being wasted and for what? And Instead of sending narcotic offenders to rehab they throw them in jail too. Provide people with the help that they need, instead of hurting them and the rest of America in the process.
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• Hong Kong
26 Nov 06
Yeah I agree with u,cuz I'm a pothead myself,and I think MariJ does help alot of ppl such as aneroxic etc.and it has lots of medical use.I think it should be legalized.
• United States
25 Nov 06
Pot should be legal, but then our cops would have to actually look for the real criminals. Thats why it never gets passed. All the potheads are tooo LAZY to vote, and the cops are voting in full force.